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Why and what is measured?

  • Ensuring energy efficiency and quality

  • Helps to achieve the goals of responsibility and sustainable development

  • Cost savings

    • in heating and cooling energy

    • and repair costs

  • Minimizing quality risks

  • Tracking is possible throughout the entire supply chain 

  • Continuous monitoring throughout the warranty period - and beyond

The measurement service includes:

  • Measurements of all insulating glass windows in the building or a sample: gas concentrations, dimensions of glass and intermediate spaces, coatings and their location

  • Analysis of measurement results

  • Reporting of measurement results

Sparklike Laser Portable™ 2.0 is a measuring device that measures the insulating gas content of an insulating glass window without breaking the glass. 


The laser beam is transmitted through the insulating glass unit, the reflection is measured and converted into oxygen concentration. Based on the oxygen content, the measuring device calculates the amount of insulating gas (Argon, Krypton, Xenon, etc.) in percent. 


The device can measure both double- and triple-glazed coated and laminated insulating glasses. 


The thicknesses of the glasses and intermediate spaces are also obtained as a result of the measurement.

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