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S u s t a i n a b i l t y  i n  G l a s s e s

About us

We measure the gas fillings and coatings of the insulating glass of shopping centers, office buildings and apartments to improve energy efficiency



  • Improving energy efficiency.

  • Minimizing heating, cooling and ventilation costs.

  • Quality assurance by measuring.

Other benefits:

  • Reducing emissions

  • Sustainable development planning with measured data

  • Lifecycle management

  • Certification

Glass Window


  • The energy consumption of buildings corresponds to about 40%  of energy end-use in Finland and causes about 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. 

  • Heating buildings consumes 27% of all energy used in Finland.

  • Glass structures may account for more than 40% of heat loss in buildings.

  • Gas-filled insulating glass windows are an integral part of an energy-efficient building. The challenges of gas filling and maintaining the gas content have been recognized. 

  • The thermal insulation capacity of the window decreases by at least 20% if the insulating gas is missing from the insulating glass part.

  • The reduction of the insulating gas can be due to many reasons - the degree of filling, mechanical stress and gas leakage. 

  • Responsible property owners and builders are looking for concrete ways in the pursuit of energy-efficient solutions and a carbon-neutral property


Our service

We offer measurement services for our customers' needs - installation measurement, warranty measurement, life cycle measurement and repair measurement. 

  • We find out the quality and energy efficiency of windows in buildings by measuring the insulating gas concentrations and coatings of insulating glass. 

  • We make it possible to minimize quality risks, energy costs and repair costs

  • We help our customers achieve the goals of sustainable development and energy efficiency 

  • We offer an expert gas filling measurement service for insulating glass to determine the necessary measures in new and renovation construction

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